Intelligent lighting control helps Deutsches Pferdemuseum save energy


Energy saving thanks to conversion to LED


Optimum staging of the exhibits while at the same time taking conservation requirements into account: This was the challenge that had to be met during the lighting refurbishment at Deutsches Pferdemuseum (German Horse Museum) in Verden, Lower Saxony.

The museum recently equipped its exhibition rooms with state-of-the-art LED technology and banned around 250 halogen lights from the ground and upper floors after 20 years of “service”.

Thanks to the new LED spotlights and AIMOTION control technology with presence detectors and demand-based programming, also carried out by AIMOTION, electricity savings of more than 90 % are to be achieved.


AIMOTION-switches without cable or battery


“The existing power track system in the museum can still be used and is now supplemented by several presence detectors in different exhibition areas”, says Head of Administration Ina Rohlfing, summarizing the innovations.

An intelligent control system dims the lights depending on the visitor frequency in the individual museum departments, which results in further energy savings. “And even the light switches work by purely using kinetic energy – completely without electricity or batteries”, Rohlfing adds.


Lighting scenes controllable via Casambi app


In addition to the smart light switches, the light can also be switched on and off or dimmed via the Casambi app, and different lighting scenarios can be called up by just a fingertip. Where previously only the “on” or “off” option was possible, the light can now easily be dimmed as desired, e.g. for lectures in the stable aisle.

The new lighting system scores with precise light distribution, low light scattering, optimum color rendering and exact dimmability.

Furthermore, it protects the light- and heat-sensitive exhibits, as high-quality LED light contains neither UV nor infrared radiation and generates little heat.


Optimal staging of the exhibits


In this way, the exhibits can be optimally staged while at the same time complying with the conservation requirements for protecting the objects.


New visitor experience thanks to conversion


“The spotlights cast the museum objects in a completely new light, create wonderful accents and thus a new visitor experience,” says Head of Administration Rohlfing.

Intelligent, efficient and exhibit-friendly lighting with more flexibility and greater ease of use – challenge met!

Products used:

Flush-mounted Universaldimmer (Art.1073)

Plug & Play Dimmer (Art.1002B)

Mini-Mini-Sensor (Art.1016W)

Wandschalter Switch 55 (Art.1052UB)

Xpress (Art.1008B)

Photos: Deutsches Pferdemuseum ( / AIMOTION