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-50% less installation costs

  • Reduction of the wiring effort by omission of additional control lines such as DALI or DMX systems System expansions or modifications possible without the need for cabling
  • Reduction of costs through optional remote access

-60% less energy costs

  • Cost reduction through presence dependent and timer controlled light management
  • Longer lifetime due to optimised service life
  • Saving energy costs with efficient LED technology

System Technology

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Wireless control
  • Mesh technology
  • Safe and stable connection of all luminaires/devices to each other
  • 250 devices per Bluetooth network
  • Cross network functions, thus unlimited number of devices
  • Remote access can be activated via app
  • Backup function of all settings
  • No control hub necessary
  • Safe stand-alone system
  • Each luminaire/device saves all settings

Technical Possibilities

  • Supported protocols: DALI, 0/1-10V, PWM, DMX, trailing edge phase dimming, iBeacon and control of switching relays and motor controls
  • Management of groups and lighting scenes
  • Timer with calendar and sun time function
  • Control of light colour and dimming levels
  • Integration of motion and brightness sensors as well as alarm and temperature sensors
  • Cross-system control for BMS: network-based (e.g. KNX server), cloud-based (Casambi API)

Our Service for You

  • CASAMBI Ready Ecosystem
  • Customized solutions
  • Project planning support
  • Programming services
  • Product developments of CASAMBI Ready components
  • Engineering services
  • Certified CASAMBI commissioning competence partner