AIMOTION Casambi programmed running lights in retail store
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Sensor-controlled LED light strip bathes fashion house in the colors of the rainbow


Climate-neutral with a new lighting concept

Founded in 1754, the Klingemann fashion and sports store in Höxter, North-Rhine-Westphalia, is one of the oldest fashion stores in Germany.

Technically, however, the store with its 7,000 square meters of sales space is far ahead: It has been climate-neutral since 2021. Thanks to various measures, energy consumption has been reduced by 80 percent.

One component of this was the switch to a new, energy-saving lighting concept with LEDs, to which AIMOTION was able to make a contribution.


Fascinating light installation

The heart of the basement with its young fashion department is a sensor-controlled LED light strip in the colors of the rainbow, which accompanies customers on their way through the sales area.

As soon as someone comes down the stairs, they are detected by the AIMOTION flex sensor installed there. The colored light strip automatically increases from 30% to 100% light intensity and illuminates the walking direction in full color splendor.

And it is not just the rainbow-colored light coming on. The multicolored light bars are not static, but constantly change color, making the light appear to move. This creates a fascinating effect: Customers have the feeling of the light showing them the way.


Sensor technology enables energy efficiency

The built-in sensor system not only starts a fascinating light show, but also helps to save energy. As soon as no more movement is detected on the stairs, the light intensity is automatically reduced to 30%. This means that the strip light does not run permanently, but only when needed.

This control system has another advantage for employees: If they are busy putting away goods in the basement, for example, the conveyor belt does not run permanently. It stops after a while, when no more movement at the staircase is detected. As soon as it starts up again, however, this is an indication to the employees that customers have entered the basement and need to be attended to.

Products used:

12-24V PWM Controller 4-channel (Art.1005)

Plug & Play Flex Sensor (Art.1022B)

Photos: Klingemann / AIMOTION