Sensor-controlled world of light and sound at “Pommersches Landesmuseum”


AIMOTION sensor technology for the “Royal Cabinet”

The “Pommersches Landesmuseum” (Pomeranian State Museum) in Greifswald (Northern Germany) has created a multidimensional world of experience for its “Royal Cabinet” using AIMOTION components: In a separate room, it presents six Swedish kings in the form of almost life-size portraits. These royals are introduced by an automatically controlled sound reproduction during which a narrator tells about their lives and politics.


This technology was implemented using the AIMOTION motion and brightness sensor for track systems, an AIMOTION Plug & Play Switch and a soundboard for audio reproduction. The entire programming was also done by AIMOTION.

Museologist Kai Kornow is delighted: “The most impressive thing is that the entire control technology from 2010, which consisted of several larger devices, has been replaced by a small box the size of a pack of cigarettes.”


Sensor-controlled sound reproduction

When visitors enter the room, they are recognized by the sensors. The ambient lighting comes on, and the sound installation starts from the soundboard, which is linked to the AIMOTION lighting control system.

Each individual monarch is introduced in the sound playback. In addition to the general lighting, a spotlight automatically illuminates the face of the person being currently introduced.


Demand-based control saves energy and protects exhibits

When the last visitor leaves the room during the almost fifteen minutes of sound playback, the sensors register that movement, and the sound playback stops automatically. In addition, the basic lighting is automatically switched off.

In this way, the museum has not only created an interesting effect for visitors, but it can also save energy by controlling light and sound automatically, on demand. Furthermore, the use of LED light protects the exhibits, which are sensitive to light and heat.


Museologist Kai Kornow: “We hope that this small control system will continue to serve us well for a long time to come.”


Products used:

Sensor for Track System (Art.1040B)

Plug & Play Switch (Art.1020B)

AIMOTION Soundboard



Pomeranian State Museum ( / AIMOTION