Automated lighting control in “Ernst” restaurant adapts ambience to the time of day


Time-dependent lighting control


The fashion house Ernst Stackmann in Buxtehude wanted a new look for its restaurant “Ernst”. In addition to a new interior design, also the lighting was to be converted to economical LED technology.

AIMOTION was able to supply components for the lighting control system and program these for the customer.

The fashion house wanted preset lighting scenes with cozy, dimmed light for the evening or for events, as well as brighter light for the cleaning staff.

The aim was to be able to control the ambience automatically depending on the time of day.


Time backup saves settings


This was made possible by time-dependent programming of the built-in control components.

In the rare event of a power failure, a battery-operated time backup ensures that all settings are retained and nobody is left in the dark when the power is restored.

The atmospheric shelf lighting is now also controlled by AIMOTION components.

Products used:

12-24V PWM Controller 4-channel (Art.1005)

Flush-mounted Universal Dimmer (Art.1073)


Time-Backup (Art.1032)

Switching-Box (Art.1020)


Photos: Modehaus Stackmann