Schloss Glücksburg: Valuable tapestries carefully illuminated


Protect delicate exhibits


Protecting valuable exhibits is a high priority for museums. UV light and temperature as well as excessively dry or humid room air can permanently damage the exhibits.

This also applies to the important collection of tapestries and leather wallpapers, which is one of the special attractions of Glücksburg Castle.


Automatic control for LEDs


Museum director Susanne Ascheron therefore opted for high-quality, smart, sensor-controlled LED luminaires for the new lighting in two central halls of the Renaissance castle in Schleswig-Holstein, which was built in the 16th century.

Their LED light contains neither UV nor infrared radiation and does not generate heat. Furthermore, the luminaires switch off automatically when there are no more visitors in the room.

This saves energy and, at the same time, protects the light- and heat-sensitive tapestries and leather wallpapers.


Wireless wall switches for flexibility


AIMOTION contributed track sensors, Switch 55 wall switches and the programming of the components. The lighting design and luminaires came from ERCO.

Thanks to the wireless wall switches, changes to the lighting scenarios are now possible at any time – for example, dimmed lighting for evening events as a preset scene.


“New lighting is an enrichment”


“The new lighting in our museum and concert hall, known as the White Hall, is a real asset that allows our precious tapestries to shine in their full splendor”, says museum director Susanne Ascheron with satisfaction at the result.



Lighting underlines the quality of the exhibits


“The fact that the tapestries have been preserved in such remarkable condition over the centuries is truly not something to be taken for granted and is testament to the exceptional quality and care of these works of art”, Ascheron continues. “The new lighting underlines all of this to an extraordinary degree.”



Products used:

Sensor for Track System (Art.1040W)

Switch 55 (Art.1052W)