Wireless light control in St. Maria-St. Vicelin church in Neumünster

In terms of its lighting technology, the approximately 130 years old Catholic parish church of St. Maria-St. Vicelin in Neumünster has arrived in the 21st century: Here, the verger can control all the lighting as well as various preset lighting scenes via a wireless wall switch or an iPad. At the same time, he can stand in the middle of the nave and check the lighting effects on the spot – and change them at the touch of a finger.


Before: Inconvenient lighting control

A large church always poses particular challenges for lighting control. The luminaires are difficult to reach due to extreme ceiling height, and individual spots are therefore difficult to adjust retrospectively.

At the same time, a large number of different spotlights are required in the large nave, which can often only be controlled centrally from an adjoining room. This makes lighting control less convenient and the creation of different lighting scenarios – e.g. for baptisms or special services – very cumbersome.

The installation of additional light switches in the conventional way would require many meters of slots and cables to be cut into the walls.


After: Wireless light switch or iPad

Not here in Neumünster: A much more convenient and easier solution was implemented when converting the lighting in the neo-Romanesque style church of St. Maria-St. Vicelin, which was consecrated in 1893.

The smart lighting control system with AIMOTION components requires no additional wiring. The lighting concept created by ERCO in which AIMOTION played an advisory role, instead relies on a wireless wall switch that communicates with the luminaires via Bluetooth. Alternatively, the light can be conveniently controlled via iPad.


Convenient: Pre-set scenes

In addition, AIMOTION has preset individually desired lighting scenes as part of the programming order.

For example, the Christmas tree can be specifically illuminated at Christmas time, or the baptismal font can be brought into focus with light during a baptism ceremony.


Less effort for retrofitting

Thanks to the wireless installation of the lighting control system, the cost of replacing the church’s lighting technology could be significantly reduced.

Products used:

ERCO Casambi luminaires

Xpress (Art.1008W)

Photos: Kai Petersen / ERCO