USM Haller showroom in Hamburg:

Smart lighting for a flexible furniture concept


Smart light sets perfect stage for the furniture

Intelligent, adaptable light, as flexible as the modular furniture from the Swiss family-run company USM – this was a perfect match.

For its Hamburg showroom, USM Haller has opted for a modern, smart lighting system that sets the furniture worlds in the best possible light. AIMOTION completed the control technology for this.


Flexible design classic

Founded in 1885, USM operates showrooms in the world’s most important cities. The box-shaped, versatile furniture with its characteristic metal frames made by USM Haller can be used in both office and living areas.

Thanks to their modular design, they can be added to or changed at any time. As a design classic, the modular furniture system is now part of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Smart lighting control

AIMOTION advised USM Haller in the Hamburg showroom on the subject of smart lighting control, supplied the necessary components and programmed them according to the customer’s needs.


Smart gong

Among other things, the AIMOTION track sensor was installed, which controls a smart chime in conjunction with the AIMOTION Plug & Play Switch. This signals to employees via a motion sensor when customers enter the showroom – without any additional wiring.


Automatic dimming

The smart lighting controls itself automatically, depending on the time of day. For example, the lights dim down automatically to a set level after closing time, and they automatically switch back up to the desired light intensity in the morning.

Now, no one can forget to switch off the lights at night. This makes lighting control not only a lot more convenient, but it also helps to save energy.

Products used:

Plug & Play Switch (Art. 1020W)

Sensor for Track System (Art.1040W)

ERCO Casambi Leuchten


Photos: USM Haller / AIMOTION