Light and music in the Smart Home are almost an old hat. But Aimotion brings both together – with a unique concept and “made in Germany”.


Ottensen in the Hamburg district of Altona: This is where Germany’s perhaps most innovative smart lamps are created. In an old leather factory, the start-up Aimotion combines intelligently controllable lighting and music so discreetly in a smart home system that the loudspeakers are practically invisible. As if that weren’t enough, the products are handcrafted in the manufactory and tailored to the personal preferences of each customer.

“The result is LED light quality for bright illumination and indirect lighting in up to 16 million colours as well as excellent music enjoyment in 360 degrees – wireless, with multi-room function and very subtle, without visible audio boxes, complicated wiring and wiring,” explains Aimotion CEO Aileen Herpell in an interview.

What makes Aimotion luminaires so special?

In fact, the music coming from the luminaires spreads everywhere in the room as if by magic “from above” – even over several rooms. The sound is impressive, the subwoofer powerful, the tweeters crystal clear. But the sound is only one thing, and the lighting possibilities of modern smart home systems are an additional factor.

A wipe over the Aimotion app on the smartphone, and the light from the ceiling light changes from cold white for working to warm white for feeling good to the right colours such as orange, depending on taste and mood. Just a wipe over the volume control in the app is enough, and the music sounds not only over the desk, but everywhere in the house.

The advantages of Aimotion are also the easy installation (only a power connection is required) and easy operation (via app, remote control or wall switch), as well as the flexible connection (not only WLAN, Bluetooth is also possible). In addition to timer programming, there is also an automatic mode – then light and/or music are switched on automatically as soon as someone enters the room.

Who is the Aimotion system suitable for?

First of all: for those who can afford it. The start-up’s website says “price on request”, but a report mentions 1300 euros for a ceiling lamp and 2500 euros for a sounding mirror. However, if you value innovation and exclusivity, Aimotion offers real value for money – after all, these are tailor-made products that put every room and every building in the limelight. Ideal, for example, for health facilities, wellness temples, but also galleries and other companies that are looking for something special and want to attract attention without attracting attention.

Which product variants can Aimotion supply?

Basically countless, because “Aimotion Individual” takes into account every individual furnishing style – the start-up company realises almost every lighting idea. Various luminaires have been prepared: The compact “Aimotion One” provides light in all moods as well as powerful and balanced sound throughout the room – the stereo sound is not selective but evenly distributed over the entire listening area. Aimotion Select” works in exactly the same way, only in larger dimensions. “Aimotion Evolution” goes one better with a 4.2 sound system, whereas “Aimotion Mirror” integrates light and sound into mirrors.

If you already have a high-quality hi-fi system, you can use the “Aimotion Connector” to turn it into a streaming-ready sound system – even a good old record player can be integrated into the network. The source for playback is virtually irrelevant, the system pulls the music from the smartphone and network storage via DLNA and Airplay to Spotify and TuneIn (to name just a few examples). The Aimotion components make it possible to listen to the same or different music in different rooms (Multiroom) or to listen to the radio in one room and the music library in another (Multichannel).

René Wagner